I’m making my own rules

Seriously, when did having a stimulating conversation become a thing of the past? please tell me how anyone can find text messages littered with a combo fruit-veggie platter the least bit enticing. One glance at a text message or DM that has two or more emojis and words that I have to try to decipher … Continue reading I’m making my own rules

Divorce articles, you gotta love them. NOT.

I came across an article today that actually in my opinion was utter bullshit, okay maybe that's a bit harsh it just made for a multitude of eye rolls.  What grabbed my attention was this big picture that read DIVORCE with the title,  "6 lies we tell ourselves when divorce seems eminent." That piqued my … Continue reading Divorce articles, you gotta love them. NOT.

He pierced his WHAT?

I've heard of women piercing there neither region but I have never heard of men getting or even entertaining the idea of piercing their jewels aka their ball sack. "Yes ....he told me that he has a piercing on his balls" Babs whispered, "He said that it heightens the whole sexual experience. Jolene can you … Continue reading He pierced his WHAT?

The lies men tell to satisfy their one eyed weasel

An evening out with my girlfriends always brings many bottles of wine, great conversation, hours of laughter  and on this particular night ..... it brought insight to a topic that is more common than we would like to admit.  The lies men tell us  just to satisfy their one-eyed weasel and why we, believe them. … Continue reading The lies men tell to satisfy their one eyed weasel