Keeping it Real….In New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS ....... To some people, this place is all about roaming Bourbon Street, taking in the night life, savoring the Louisiana cuisine and maybe getting a handful of beads but to Harlow and I, New Orleans is home to a life that has long since passed. Our souls hearing the whispered call to return … Continue reading Keeping it Real….In New Orleans

Keeping it real : Do this, not that.

Color Key: Jolene | Harlow This past year has been an emotional and spiritual journey for both Jolene and I. I, being married for many, many years, and Jolene being recently divorced. We've cried, we've cursed, we've wanted to give up, we've...grown. Where in the past we would shout and or, in Jolene's case, castrate … Continue reading Keeping it real : Do this, not that.

Look who’s joining us today ….

***(Color Key: Jolene. Harlow. Layla.) Okay guys, you are in for a real treat today! Many of you may recognize our special guest from the Indie book world.  Joining us this week at Keeping It Real with Jolene and Harlow is Layla aka, The Bowtie Author's better half. BUT, besides being an author's wife she has the coolest job … Continue reading Look who’s joining us today ….

Hanging with Harlow Kane

Today I've decided to trade in my scrubs and chill over at Home is Where the Wine is and indulge in some wine, good conversation and just maybe we'll crank call a few people. So hop on over and say hello. Here's a sneak peek.... The Barenaked Ladies seemed mighty generous in their song “If … Continue reading Hanging with Harlow Kane