It’s a great day to be blogger

  Good morning everyone, In the recent weeks I've been recognized by some very talented bloggers and been given two blogger awards. It makes my heart explode with happiness to be given such an awesome shout out and if I could, I'd hug them both......and those that know me, know that I don't hand out … Continue reading It’s a great day to be blogger

Loving oneself, flaws and all.

My life has been quite interesting to say the least, well interesting for me…probably quite boring to those wanderlust adventurous type. Sure, I haven’t backpacked through Europe or slept outside under the stars somewhere deep in the forest, see I have this thing about creepy crawlies. Ghosts I can handle, snakes and weird insects that … Continue reading Loving oneself, flaws and all.

Actions speak louder than words

Harlow and I had a post ready to go on Thursday but something happened Tuesday evening that we thought needed to be addressed. Earlier this week you posted a message on Facebook stating: To all the people that feel the need to post the “I'm leaving social media” or “Cleaning up my friends list” posts, … Continue reading Actions speak louder than words

Blogger nation – Bloggers worth checking out.

Hi guys, I hope you all had a great week. I thought I'd share some of my favorite posts that I've read this past week with all of you.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Have a great weekend.   Life lessons you need to learn in your 20's Hey guys! … Continue reading Blogger nation – Bloggers worth checking out.

Dear Harlow & Jolene

  So you guys are in for a real treat! Harlow and I received our first Keeping it Real advice question. Dear Harlow & Jolene, I love your Keeping it Real posts so I thought maybe you could help me with a situation. I've been married to my husband for over twenty yrs & I … Continue reading Dear Harlow & Jolene