Letters to my past

I have been told many times over by Source/Spirit that I needed to write letters to those of my past. It was all due to healing those open wounds that I thought I had already put to rest but in truth, they were just shoved way deep inside. Ignoring the hurt.

Through the past couple of years I’ve come face to face with those pent-up emotions and I’ve allowed myself to feel the anger, the hurt, the betrayal. I let those words run out on paper and in turn the healing took over.

Next step, was forgiveness.

Spirit (my guide) has a way of letting me know who and in what form this lesson in forgiveness needs to play out. In most cases this will come from a message, a thought, a dream or the person will message me out of the blue.

It is then when things are quiet I will begin to meditate and I start writing, it’s then my guide will pop in to help with the healing. My guide(s) have been an instrumental part of my life and spiritual growth. Their guidance means the world to me.


  • The reason why I am putting these posts/letters here is because many of those from my past have a way of “keeping tabs” on me through here…….so if you don’t see your message yet, give it time. I’m doing it when I’m guided to.