About Divorced Darling

img_1723They say that the third time is a charm, well in this case every last person that uttered those words were wrong and at the ripe YOUNG age of forty something I have decided that I am quite done with relationships. I’ve also realized that although I might be good at quite a few things, men aren’t one of them so for now I’ve admitted defeat and threw down the white flag on  relationships, love and men.

This isn’t a feel sorry for me blog. To hell with that. You will never read a post whining about how I’m so lonely. Fuck that. Being alone isn’t that bad. I don’t have to answer to anyone….except for my furkids and the random wildlife that come squawking at my door for food.

This is my life post divorce.

Many of you may know me from an older blog that I have since retired, Valley Girl Gone Country. Well, I have my voice back and ohhhhh I’m not going to be silenced ever again.