I’m making my own rules

Seriously, when did having a stimulating conversation become a thing of the past? please tell me how anyone can find text messages littered with a combo fruit-veggie platter the least bit enticing. One glance at a text message or DM that has two or more emojis and words that I have to try to decipher my eye starts twitchin as a “hell no, I don’t have time for this.” slips from my lips. Come on now, do I look like Sherlock Holmes to you?

I’m a forty something  year old woman who craves stimulating conversations and one who is utterly confused to when people (*cough…men) stopped engaging in actual thought-provoking subjects and went straight to hooks ups, dick pics, Snapchats and the good old go to WYD, which for those that don’t know, means……what you doing. Seriously, every time I see that I can’t help but hear the voice of Joey from Friends.

What I’ve come to realize is that I don’t have patience for such nonsense. I refuse to believe that the vast majority of men deem this to be okay. Don’t they crave someone who can do more than giggle at their stupid jokes, give a stellar performance in the bedroom and handle their “Johnson”  in the most creative of ways? yeah probably not, but there has to be a few men still out there that want to talk about philosophy, life, their dreams, maybe a book that they’ve read a time or two or maybe just maybe they want to get to know you.  Yeah, kind of long shot but a girl can still dream can’t she?

I’ve noticed recently when I’m chatting, texting, dming (whatever the correct term is this week) with a man that they have a few “go to topics” but once they have emptied their bucket of entertaining conversation pieces they revert back to their WYD, Hi, Hola, emoji littered messages leaving me perplexed and wondering what happened to the intriguing man that I was speaking to just 24 hours ago?

It’s like the damn ass Twilight Zone body snatchers episode all over again. I don’t know, maybe it’s a thing of the past, like hypercolor t-shirts and discman headphones but part of me wants to believe that there is a breed of men out there that can hold a stimulating conversation, one that doesn’t involve scenes from their latest porn download or one that isn’t fluffed up and filled with exaggerated “facts” about his made up life.

I will let you all know if I come across the hidden lair that they have been hiding out in but until then I’ve decided to set my own rules this time around when it comes to dating or even contemplating the idea of meeting a man for coffee. The first rule that I’m not even willing to budge on is they have to be able to engage in a conversation. They have to be able to share more about themselves then just a few “fun facts” and maybe show a tad bit of interest in me before they even think I will agree to meet them. I’m in no hurry, I’m definitely not going to settle for boring.

So until next time, 

Have a great night. 

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