Reiki just isn’t for us.

I love my fur kids to death and would go to the ends of the earth for them, but lately my patience has been running very thin. Every morning like clock work as I’m getting ready for the day my fur girl Lily will whine, for no reason……well, there is a reason, she just wants my undivided attention which she gets. Then, there are moments when we are out walking that both furkids will act foolish when they see a person, animal or a flipping leaf. Which just gets my nerves all on edge.

I just want to enjoy my walks without them acting out and honestly, I want to do something for their anxiety.  

So, I decided to have them under go some Reiki healing at Peaceful Mind Therapeutics. It’s helped me, plus animals require healing as well. 

The intended benefits of Reiki are for physical healing, psychological treatment, and general wellness. It may relieve tension or alleviate fears, giving your dog a sense of peace.

On top of that, some note that pain relief and rapid recovery result from treatment, aiding the body’s natural healing process. Whether it’s a behavioral disorder, injury, or arthritis, your dog’s malady may be helped by Reiki.

Once we arrived Lily and Dart sniffed around inspecting every little nook and cranny they could find and of course made their presence known by barking when Dianne moved out from her desk.

 I can’t flipping take them anywhere without them acting out! I was so embarrassed.

After a few minutes Dianne had them follow her into her room and had them sit near her while she got aquainted with my two fur balls. Dart wasn’t too sure about the whole thing, he’s always standoffish with new people but Lily slowly began to trust her and started to feel the calming energy that was exuding from Dianne.   

With her pendulum she began checking to see what chakras were blocked and then began to give Reiki healing to each one. Lily was more receptive to the healing and her whole nervous demeanor changed drastically by the end of the session. It was a joy to see how she just took to the energy healing and at times would just nudge her way back in front of Dianne for more. 

Dart wasn’t quite sure what to think about everything that was going on, he’s a little bit more high strung than his mom, Lily but she was able to do some healing on him while he was sitting in my lap. 

Overall, the visit went well up until they heard people walking around upstairs and all hell broke loose. Baby steps I told myself. 


Update: The whining this morning was very minimal. She just whined to alert me that her son used the potty pad and it needed to be picked up. Yes, she’s very bossy but at least she wasn’t whining for two hours.  There’s hope yet!!

Seriously, her smile just speaks for itself.



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