Actions speak louder than words


Harlow and I had a post ready to go on Thursday but something happened Tuesday evening that we thought needed to be addressed.

Earlier this week you posted a message on Facebook stating:

To all the people that feel the need to post the “I’m leaving social media” or “Cleaning up my friends list” posts, do me a favor and unfriend me.

For myself, when I see these posts that state that they are “leaving social media” for one reason or another, I roll my eyes……because 9 times out of 10, it’s just a ploy to get attention. Honestly, I’ve never seen one person who actually followed through with what they said after posting a comment like that.

It takes a lot of restraint for me not to send a message stating, “I thought you were leaving Facebook? If you want people to take you seriously maybe stand behind your word.”

So Harlow, why don’t you tell everyone what happened.

Well…. (grabs chair and gets comfortable…)

I’m usually the calm, love everyone half to this friend sandwich right?  (Not saying your not lol). Well, you just haven’t reached your bullshit threshold yet. Just give it time. 

Having said that, I believe it was Monday or Tuesday (hell I slept since then) I just had my favorite cup of joe, my candles were lit, and had just fired up old sparky to get my day going. What the fuck? you busted old sparky out at six a.m?  shit girl my vibrator would have killed me.

The very FIRST thing I saw on the top of my newsfeed was a rant/attention seeking post. I mean come on people. 

It basically stated that that I’m deleting social media because of ___ and this will be my last post.  Seriously??? Why post??!! Just LEAVE.  Anyway it irked me to no avail so I posted my own public announcement as Jolene stated above. It was not directed to anyone in particular. Just a fact really.  I don’t need those kind of people in my life.

Anyway… I really should have known better. There’s some really “interesting” people in this world and BOOM one found me. 

My mouth immediately fell open.  I wanted to lay into this bitch.  I mean who the hell do you think you are?

So, I took a deep breath and did…nothing. Yep, I replied with “I don’t even know you” and that was it. Looking back, I’m actually proud of myself. BUT…then my friends (warriors maidens as Jolene later referred to them) stepped up and man did they ever.  The perpetrator quickly realized she was outnumbered and blocked everyone. Bahaha

Anyway, the moral of the story is THINK before you post, or don’t post at all.

Jolene do you want to add anything?  Sorry I’m short this week everyone.  I’ve had a school field trip and a funeral…ugh.  But I must say, Jolene I LOVE the new layout!

Thanks girl. I guess the only thing I would have liked to have known is why she felt the need to bring her mental illness into the mix and why would she even think to threaten to “kick your motherfucking ass?”   but like you said, many of your followers quickly came to your defense. 

In a sense, I understand why some may like to throw a little pity party on social media threatening to leave it all behind, never to return again just for their followers to quickly ask why all the while begging them not to leave. I guess the ego boost soothes the soul for a minute or two but why reach for the attention of those who truly don’t give a damn about your life outside of social media? 

I remember an ex doing this ALL the fucking time. It was pathetic really but he wanted validation of his worth from strangers/friends from the internet. At first he was met with coddling replies but after awhile the ego boosts stop and his posts were met with more tough love and “action speaks louder than words.” remarks. 

It’s important to realize that seeking validation of your own self worth comes from within rather than that of a stranger on the internet. Once you realize that and you truly see that magnificent person that you are than you won’t need the validation from people who to say it bluntly wouldn’t really notice if you left. 


4 thoughts on “Actions speak louder than words

    1. Good morning Hook,
      I think we all vent to a point but it’s different when you toss out “I’m done with social media… goodbye folks I’m out” on a weekly basis and never follow through.

      You don’t do this. Your posts are hilarious and authentic.


  1. Sounds to me as though that individual suffers from delusional thinking, and took what was said very personally. Herein lies the problem with social media. To some extent, social media has made us all attention whores, and it’s rather sickening. Personally, I think I was healthier when I wasn’t on any forms of social media. :/

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