Stop feeding the beast

I’m sorry, I can’t be all love and light all the time. That’s not me. That wouldn’t be “real” or authentic. I know some are able to just love regardless of people being down right pain in the asses. I, for one can only look away for so long before I shove the love and light in the closet and speak my truth.

Having the balls to remove the negativity from my life and stand firmly behind my decision was quite simple really. I don’t have time to coddle a grown ass adult nor do I have the energy to deal with insecure soulless snakes. It’s been real easy to recognize those who drain me emotionally, who cause unnecessary drama and if you’re ignorant then I will no longer entertain your stupidity. It’s just that simple.

Seriously, do you think that you’re a badass when you stand among your classless friends and mock others, make fun of their vulnerability or make fun of their feelings by senseless memes?  Your true self shines like a  beacon when you let the bullshit fly from your lips.

Living a bullshit free life requires you to haul all that crap that doesn’t serve you on a positive level and take it out with the trash. I have made so many damn excuses for people’s behavior that I’m done. I’m so sick of people saying, “Ohhh well, this is how Sandy is.” or “Johnny does what Johnny does.” or my favorite, “We just have to love her regardless, she’ll never change.” Nope, sorry. No more. I’m done feeding the beast.

People will continue their bad behavior because we continue to allow it. It seems as though some people are so afraid to hold others accountable for their actions because they don’t want to upset them. FUCK THAT…….answer this, why are you willing to continue to be the doormat friend or spouse because you’re afraid of rocking the boat for a moment? What does that say about you? Seriously, how many times do you find yourself making excuses for their behavior? Stop empowering them by feeding into the bullshit.

I know it’s not easy. Sometimes we may not even realize that we are doing it, but it’s time to start paying attention to the person who matters….you.

Once I started to release these people from my life or ignore the nonsense on social media I felt a hundred times better. That good old delete and block button has sure come in handy lately.

I honor and respect those who have the balls to own their truth instead of hiding in the shadows.


3 thoughts on “Stop feeding the beast

  1. I feel this. I refuse to accept somebody’s BS behavior based off of it ‘just being who they are’. I’ve never been one to hesitate to let someone know that if that’s who you are and you don’t wanna better yourself you can exit my life and do not return because all ima end up doing is hurting their feelings real bad because I have 0 tolerance for ignorance. This sounded like a purge for you. Glad you could get it out:)


  2. Not quite the words I would use or the actions kind lady…but…it isn’t until we get past the hurt and anger that we stand in our truth, and finally ‘see’ that beauty inside. But first the fear, understand that my friend and you truly are free 😀 ❤


  3. Changing your life for the better is often not easy, this is another good example of it. Takes courage to let go of something you know too well, for a future you don’t know yet 🙂


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