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I’m not sure if it was the full moon from last week or the intermingling between Lilith (gotta love Lilith) and Saturn, but let me just say that there’s been very heightened emotions and very curious minds when it comes to some of our favorite subjects.

These topics being, Spiritual Awakening, Twin Flames, Angel Signs, Spirit Guides, (sorry I’m the Oxford comma Nazi hehe) and Ascension. 

Harlow, you and I talk about these subjects often seriously all the fucking time, in a sense we have always been seekers of the mysteries of the universe and just recently have just said, “This is us if you don’t like it well….fuck off.” Well, on second thought,  Harlow wouldn’t say fuck off. HEY!  I just said fuck three sentence ago! Bite me witch. You’d flash that sweet southern smile with a flick of the middle finger, but here’s the thing, behind that smile she’s plotting your death or calling you a fucktard but either way, you’re fucked. Yes, I’m the type to sneak into your bedroom and bludgeon you with the ole soup in a sock trick. *Insert evil laugh…

For myself, growing up Catholic I was taught that my beliefs were to remain in this little  box minding my ten commandments and all the small print pertaining to the faith. I wasn’t even allowed to think outside the box because if I did that was the work of evil influencing my thoughts and that mean nasty horned man in red scaly skin would take me to hell.  As a child, I even knew this was a load of horse shit. I give props to my very patient spirit guides who always kept that light inside me burning to continue to seek to uncover what my soul already kinda knew. Harlow what about you, what was your background like as far as spirituality?

Eww. Worse.  (at least you had wine) Southern Baptist.  The type that would speak in tongues and convince everyone that didn’t believe the way they believed they were going straight to hell. Fire and brimstone yada yada. Want me to sing Father Abraham??? …. Father Abraham had many sons and many sons had fath… Ok, stopping now.  *Googling Father Abraham

You know, we are coming into a very poignant time in life where people are coming into their own spiritual awakening. One doesn’t have to be a bible thumper or an avid church goer to have a spiritual awakening. One would just have a knowing deep in their gut, a spiritual maturity of sorts and a desperate need to know more than what you were originally taught.

I had a discussion about this the other week with my Reiki master. She believes that more and more people are becoming awakened due to the ever-growing acceptance in society.  I mean let’s face it, fifty years ago we would have been cast outs (or worse) if we were to even think about the possibility of more than one God or Goddess. The internet and technology, as well as, liberal rights play a major role in the fact that we can freely express our spiritual beliefs without fear of repercussions. 

Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses. ~ Plato

The more you taste the true and lasting joy, peace, fulfillment, freedom, YAY  my Oxford comma fetish is wearing off on you. LOL and love the more spirit opens your eyes to the most magnificent out of this world feelings and vibrations (which if I can be candid, there is no toy on this planet that can match the vibrations one can experience when they are connected with the universe, just saying). I don’t know Jolene, you can do a lot with a fresh pair of batteries hehe But word of warning this process at first isn’t all fucking rainbows and unicorns, it can be painful ….you shed a lot of fucking tears, you question a lot and you are faced with conquering your FEARS.

I’m not talking about your fear of the dark, clowns or swimming with sharks, it goes much deeper than that. 

During this time, life gets turned upside down and the people who once were your friends suddenly don’t align with you any longer. Being around people who live and breath drama don’t sit well with you, like they once had. It’s been so easy these days to pinpoint the drama by just seeing it splashed all over social media. Hate, political nonsense and bigotry will get your ass unfriended. I seriously have zero tolerance for it. Sure, we all have our differences and that’s fine but keep your hate to yourself….your just lowering your own vibration.

This personally has happened to me within the past year. I had a party just the other day and found myself silently venturing off to other corners of the room to be alone.  I think energy has a lot to do it.  When one starts to become awakened they start to receive energy at higher vibrations.  Not to scare you but hell even Newton figured it out.  We are ALL energy.  Some more positive, some more negative and as I become more in tune with my own life source I have started becoming susceptible to negative energy in people.  It almost can physically hurt.  I mean I’ve always been an empath, even well before I knew what that meant, but now it’s like opening a door that’s wired to an electrical panel and as Jolene mentioned earlier, you have to deal with a lot of emotions because of it.

Law of Energy: energy can neither be created nor destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another. 

For myself, I noticed that I started to isolate myself from those types of personalities. For example,  I couldn’t be in the same room with the wasband because his whole being just oozed a sulfur type of odor.  The same thing happens when I’m around someone who’s life is chaotic, their anxious energy is draining. 

There are many spiritual awakening symptoms. Do any of these resonate with any one of you?

        • Uncertainty and fear

        • Feelings as though your life has changed forever

        • No longer liking what you once liked to do

        • Extreme desire for solitude

        • Feeling greater empathy for others

        • More experiences of synchronicity 

        • Absence or decreased fear of death. This is because our own ego isn’t the epicenter of our universe anymore, its demise no longer seems such a tragic prospect. We know that our own death isn’t the end of all things; the world that is part of our identity will continue.

        • Becoming more sensitive to vibrations, things around you become heightened.

        • You crave food from the earth and no longer can tolerate food that you once had.

        • Asking questions such as “Why am I here?” and “What is my life purpose?”

        • Thirst for truth and spiritual self-fulfillment

        • You have no desire to follow the crowd or stir up drama.


People assume that you have to be “saved” or have to be a church going person to have a spiritual awakening or to feel the wonders of the universe. I haven’t set foot in a church for many years. I rode a mechanical bull in one Saturday, does that count? Not that I feared being struck down by a lightening bolt, I just felt that my church is the ground I walk on, the trees I lean up against, the fresh air that I breathe in while taking a walk through the woods. I feel God/Gaia/Spirit (whomever you believe in) when I’m with nature. 

Harlow when did you feel the sense of you becoming awakened? 

Well for me, I honestly can’t pinpoint the exact time I started to become awakened.  I’m guessing a little over a year ago and, as you are about to mention, meeting your twin flame has a way of jolting the ole soul awake. I remember after that meeting for some reason I wanted books…lots of fucking books on the subject.  Wiccan, Paganism, Shamanism, Hoodoo, Voodoo you name it, I read it. And man, I have not been the same since.  Colors are brighter, music is heart is open.  I suddenly wanted to experience EVERYTHING, the good and the bad, the dark and the light. I’m humbled by the process. I believe your Reiki sessions have helped you tremendously in your journey as well and just acknowledging when your guides are needing you to pay attention. You are absolutely right. Grace (Reiki master) opened up my eyes to a part of myself that I didn’t know I had.  I’m currently working on opening my sacral chakra (she said it was damaged and instead of a ball of pure orange energy she saw it more like the inside of a pumpkin 😳)  Until I can heal it, I know my Kundalini process can not truly be complete.    

I noticed a heightened sense within me when I came to know my twin flame. It was like at that moment of recognition that a switch flipped on and everything that I ever wondered about became clear. Answers given. I was then guided down a path of knowing, people, places of like minds were thrown in my path either for learning or to make a difference in their life. He was kind of like my jumper cables to my soul. If that makes sense and in truth he felt the same way. We both came alive. 

Your Twin Flame carries the light to your darkness, the knowledge of your ignorance, and in many ways is your complete opposite yet seemingly  inexplicably, you have a sense of completeness or wholeness that you can never ignore when you are near this person. ~ Twin Flames & Soulmate Exposed.


I’ve spoken on the subject of Twin Flames before and it’s a fabulous topic one that I can just soak in and wonder about . Many have asked me if I am with my twin at the moment and the answer is no. As of right now, we are on different paths of growth and that’s fine. 

What’s your take on the whole Twin Flame / Soul mate deal? 

You talking to me? No, I’m talking to your spirit guide who’s standing right behind you….yes you. LOL Uh um ok…let me just grab this old sooooappbox and… whew ok.

Before you go on your Twin Flame tyrant let me just clarify to you all that SOULMATES AND TWIN FLAMES ARE NOT THE SAME.

Soulmates are people in our lives that we deeply connect with.  It can be a friend, lover, or even family member. I roll my eyes at people who claim that they met their soul mate, dude why settle when you can experience your Twin Flame. 

Twin Flames, also sometimes called Twin Souls or Mirror Souls are just that.  They are the other half to our soul. Whereas you can have several Soulmates in your lifetime you will only ever have ONE Twin Flame and some sadly spend lifetimes on earth before they meet them. 

 It’s said that the masculine twin flame feels blocked from progressing as fast as he would like especially in regards to reaching his counterpart. Expect to sense this in your twin if you interact on the soul planes with “him” in this period.

His frustration with not being able to reach through to you and fully convey his love and eagerness to be together has been why things have felt blocked. The intensity of his energy has caused clouds of static in which has kept his counterpart feeling disconnected. It’s made her feel that he’s lost interest when that not true at all. 

When you ears are blocked or feel pressure around the ears and neck or often hear high pitched whine in your ears these can be signs of your Twin  Flames higher self trying to communicate with you. ~ Twin Flames 1111

I know for myself I often go deep into meditation and spend time regrouping with my spirit guides and my twin flames higher self. If I’m being real here, I was in a funky, very agitated  mood from Thursday  – Saturday of last week. I couldn’t shake it but I knew it wasn’t coming from me but from my other half. It wasn’t until I spent the evening over at Peaceful Minds that I left feeling myself. Grounded. Lighter. Happier.

With that said, here are five signs that you may have met your Twin Flame:

1) You will know it instantly!!

Meeting your twin is not the typical feeling of falling in love and having butterflies in your stomach. If you meet your twin, you just know instantly and is something you have never experienced before. It is a feeling of being connected in deep love on a very honest and open level. You go into profound conversations with each other and share your darkest secrets and feelings without any shame, you feel as if you are home. You don’t do any of the role play, such as trying to show your best side. When you look into your twins eyes, you see yourself and feel like a long-lost feeling of belonging is back.

When you meet your Twin Flame for the first time there will be no sweaty hands, nor butterflies in your stomach.  You will feel no agitation or nervousness but rather an overwhelming sense of calm.  Now, I’m not saying you will not want to jump their bones because trust me you will but the feeling is more like you have lost something that was very dear to you for a long time and you have finally have found it. Just to hold their hand or feel their arms wrapped around you is a beautiful gift in and of itself. 

2) Your life will never be the same again

After the encounter, you instantly just know that your life will never be the same again. For the first time in your life you feel that you are really living and loving, not only existing. You just know, that you cannot go back to “normal”, living a lie and living up to others expectations. You learn in a fast manner, that everything you experienced before the encounter was an illusion. Despite the emotional cleansing after the meeting with your twin,  you have these moments of feeling free, independent, and empowered. Yeah, what she said. LOL

3) You will be pushed into your spiritual awakening

Through the encounter, your energy system was ripped wide open – often referred to as Kundalini rising. Like an infant that has no immune system yet, all of a sudden you are very prone to all kinds of energies around you. You feel emotions in parallel and you feel like you are going insane, because you have not learned yet how to tell the difference between what is yours and what is not and you have not yet learned how to handle these energies and shield yourself. In addition to that, you are going through the dark night of the soul. You are ridding yourself of every fear, trauma, and pattern that is still left and you go through your ultimate cleansing. Your body is changing, your cravings are changing and you become more introvert paired with a desire to be in nature and quietness. Your old, fake self is dying, making space for the real you. Step by step, you rediscover your gifts and talents. This was the point where I felt the most high.

Now I want to add that just because you accelerate doesn’t mean your twin will.  Sometimes we meet our Twin Flames in different states of awakening and that the universe has placed you together to assist the other. This can be frustrating. Where I rode these beautiful changes out he was stuck in his head and listening to others around him. He was caught between ego/illusion/fear. He allowed fear to dictate his path, where I took that step toward my souls journey. Yep, ego and fear are often the last emotions to lose in the awakening process (Jolene knows what I’m talking about).

Earlier I mentioned the dark night of the soul and ridding yourself of every fear, trauma, and pattern. I had one of my biggest break through with him while he was in my life. I honestly don’t think I would have had the courage to face part of my past if it wasn’t for him. I will always forever be grateful for him for that.  It was that ever-present calm that he provided even with him being a thousand miles away and in that moment I felt peace. I felt that I was able to forgive myself for all the mistakes that I had made along the way. At that moment, I was no longer scared. It was his calmness and unconditional love that he shrouded me with. *Sorry I had a moment*

Let’s move along. Here Harlow can you toss that tissue in the trash ….fuck  I think my mascara is running. *ewwww. Tossing.

Moving along…….

4) You are on a karmic mission

The twin flame encounter is not about romance. It is tied to a mission (I like to call it karmic mission..sounds badass) and you are pushed into it. Those trying to stay in 3D romantic patterns will have an extremely hard time as the push and pull and run and chase dynamic will not stop until they surrender and accept the bigger meaning behind this encounter. Only then, a reunion becomes possible. Funny enough this happens at a point, when you do not need it anymore, because you are happy and whole by yourself. Our task is to spread light and love, using the powerful twin energies to serve humanity and this planet to ascend. Your higher self, and thus, your twin, as well as, your spiritual guides are preparing you for your special mission on earth. Sounds adventurous 🙂

This is when my ascension started. After my first encounter I felt it.  Felt alive and not the in love kind but truly alive. Things started to make sense.  Ego and fear was quickly forgotten and replaced with love and empathy.  YESSSSSS…..that’s a big thing for people to understand, once you get rid of ego, step away from fear and have FAITH then things begin to move in the right direction. People just get stuck in their heads and so emotionally invested in all the social media hype. It just isn’t good for anybody. 

5) The twin stays in your energy field after the healing is done

When all of your healing is done and you have balanced your male and female energies within and between the two of you, your twin remains in your energy field and you feel deep and unconditional love without any strings attached. You are connected via the heart chakra for the rest of this life. You feel empowered, independent and yet your twin’s energy remains a part of yourself. Your joint energy is becoming pure fuel for your mission and is motivating and encouraging you to move forward. 

If your encounter was a soul mate experience mimicking a twin flame encounter, then, after the lessons and the healing that you both agreed on to do for each other, the connection just naturally drops away without any pain or effort. You part in unconditional love and the bond is cut. But in the case of a twin flame who ends up in separation the pain can be unbearable. Unexplained pain just consumes your whole self, pain the leaves you bed ridden and wishing to the Gods above to destroy the cords that bind you. This isn’t like your typical heartbreak. No, its unimaginable pain one I’d never wish on my worst enemy. You begin to feel that life is hopeless without your Twin but in all truthfulness you will never be rid of your TF for your flame is part of you forever and always.

This is often the case if you are the chaser and they the runner.  The first time they run it will ruin you…consume you.  There is no other way for me to describe it.

img_6161Have you experienced Twin Flame telepathy? You know those sudden jolts of electrical currents that consume your body, it’s as if your twin came up right behind you and kissed your neck or embraced you.  The interaction you can have with your flame during this moment can bring you to heightened orgasmic levels. True story. Yes, very true story.

Let’s talk Angel signs and spirit guides.  YAY, I love my Guides. They simply rock and I tell them that every single day. Did I tell you about our song……yes, it’s ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’. It’s funny because if I’m having an off day or just stuck in my head I can be out and about and well, that song will come on. Like it did back in December when all the stores were playing Christmas music but on this evening as I walked into Walgreens I was stewing over something but ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ came over the loud speakers and I just laughed, it was in that moment I felt their ever present love and envisioned them rocking out in the aisle with me. Then I heard a little whisper, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” Lucky for you. I keep humming the Inspector Gadget tune…SMH. (Jolene do you know what SMH means? LOL) 


Once I started my ascension I knew my life was never going to be the same. If you are still reading this far down you are A. curious about spiritual awakening and the stages of ascension, B. you have already gone through or going your awakening, or C. you love us! They love us….especially Layla. 


The signs then began to start.  What’s ironic as a kid if you saw the same numbers you would kiss your finger and place it over the clock, radio etc and make a wish.  Little did I know the truth behind that gesture.  

Jolene and I get these ALL THE DAMN TIME now to the point where  will send screenshots and laugh. Jolene when is your last one?  Here’s mine. I thew my down below……

Angel numbers are a way for your celestial guides to communicate with you. They can deliver specific messages through certain numbers or number sequences. This communication most often manifests in a series of repeat numbers or a series of synchronised numbers (for example, looking at the clock and seeing 11:11 or checking out at the grocery store for $12.34). Seeing these numbers is one of the most common ways for angels to let you know they are present, because numbers are a universal language. SOURCE:


I immediately noticed a need to be my true self.  As Jolene mentioned earlier, you basically stop giving a shit about what people think you and stop hiding who you truly are. Damn straight! This process was hard for me.  My family didn’t understand it, hell I didn’t understand it.  I wanted, craved alone time and picked my friends carefully.  Back to the sudden ability to pick up on people’s energy force.  It can drive you insane if you are stuck in a room full of strangers so you dodge it like the plague. 

My likes and dislikes changed. I stopped doing things that no longer served my divine purpose.  I was really bad about doing EVERYTHING for everyone without stepping back to question the relationship.  Was it benefiting me?  If the roles were reversed would they do the same for you?  If the answer is no. You need to let that person go. 

During this first phase you begin clearing your own material… and then find yourself coming into contact with bigger flows of energy. And bigger blockages. The traumas, wounds, and energies from our family, our ancestors, and past lives are processed or come up for clearing. This is a deeply physical, emotional, spiritual process. It results in a lot of physical and emotional pain, existential crisis when your belief systems suddenly shift after you have cleared a big ancestral pattern. SOURCE:

This also has to do A LOT with chakra alignment. I admit I’m still stuck in this phase.  Past traumas, fear, and ego has a had a lot to do with it. 

Jolene where would you say you are in your ascension/ K rising process?

Like you, I can’t really pin point the exact moment because it comes in stages but it’s more the inner knowing. Small moments leading to monumental moments. Like I mentioned to you the other day that if I hadn’t married the wasband than I would have never moved to Arkansas which in and of itself was a pivotal point in my growth. Sure I was connected to spirit and my guides but there was too much noise in my life before I moved to Arkansas. Plus, our paths were able to cross again soul sister. An instant connection from the get go and an inner knowing that this wasn’t our first rodeo being friends. Then, I can’t forget those deep spiritual moments out in nature where I fully connected with Gaia. She allowed me to see the beauty of my truth and the secret wonders that many refuse to see. It was those moments of quiet that I was able to hear. The veil started to lift and for the first time I was able to see EVERYTHING. 


As you know I was met with challenges and had to conquer some of my biggest fears. I was worn down and up against some tough shit. I had to make some hard decisions. But I had to pull from the strength of my ancestors and past self to show me how strong I truly was and muster some courage to take that step. 

It was when I moved here and into my own space that I was finally able to breathe. Doors began to open. My guides, one in particular started to become more vocal…I seriously adore him. I started to own my truth. I even overcame one of my biggest hurdles. This I have to say was a pivotal moment in my life. Because like we both know fear can hold us back from our true awakening. Once I started to shed those fears and met them with love than I saw the world in a different light. It was truly amazing. Then …… I was led to my Reiki master and Kundalini Yoga and the brilliant calming souls that are making my journey that much more beautiful. I just wish he was part of it but as I’m growing and awakening he is as well, maybe at a slower speed but as I heal from within he will to. 

With pain and suffering comes wisdom and knowing your true warrior self. You get to experience the unimaginable love from God/Goddess/Spirit being rained down upon you. It’s a high that no drug can duplicate. This high is magnetic and can also be felt when you are aligned with your twin flame, spirit guides, ancestors and your higher self.  ~ Jolene 🙂

Well put, Jolene, well put. 😉

This was a lot of fun!! Boy I flipping miss you …… I wish it wasn’t so freaking cold, I’d book a flight and meet you someplace warm. What’s the temp like in Nevada or Texas?  hahhahahhaha…… I kid. I kid. You got jokes lol.

Well, if any of you are just as fascinated with these topics like we are, we have included some books that have made a difference in our life. But just remember this, you live this ONE life. So make every day count. Do things that spark your soul. Be mindful of people and things that make you feel off or make you feel bad about yourself. If you want to expand your knowledge in the universal wonders reach out or seek others with the same mindset. You’re being nudged for a reason. Follow your intuition!  Those are you guides speaking to you!

One last thing before we say good-bye, life is full of obstacles. If you happen to cross paths with your twin flame but you are currently with someone else (or they are with someone) remember, this is what you both have set in motion way before you even came to be in the present day. You will find yourself stuck, confused, angry. You will question if what you are experiencing is real. Others will try to convince you that what you are feeling for your TF is just an illusion yet deep down you know the truth. This is your test. In order to move forward towards union and into your awakening, you need to embrace your twin. The two of you will conquer the world and do so much good for the planet. THIS was your karmic mission.

So you can choose to live a life of serendipitous  happenstance, and experience the unconditional love of your true life partner or one where you live life out of obligation, fear of judgment and boredom.

The choice is yours. Carpe Diem

And if that doesn’t work you can always grab a bottle of wine and start sending drunk texts. 😀 Hehe 

Books that we recommend:

Journey to Truth: A true spiritual journey by Denie Hiestand
Violet Flame by Elizabeth Claire Prophet
The Frequency by Linda West
Destiny of Souls by Micheal Newton
Archangels and Ascended Masters by Doreen Virtue

Soul Mates and Twin Flames by Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Awakening: A 40- Day guide to unleashing your spiritual powers, Life’s purpose and manifesting your Dreams! by Dr. Erin Haskell

Here is one of my favorite Kundalini songs that I listen to while in meditation.

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