Hanging with Harlow Kane

Today I’ve decided to trade in my scrubs and chill over at Home is Where the Wine is and indulge in some wine, good conversation and just maybe we’ll crank call a few people. So hop on over and say hello.

Here’s a sneak peek….

The Barenaked Ladies seemed mighty generous in their song “If I had a million dollars.” I surely wouldn’t be handing my cash out to those extremes nor would I use it to buy anyone’s love. From what I learned, money can’t buy love and money isn’t an incentive for me to stay so don’t go flashing your green this way. I think the wasband learned that quickly when he said, “You should be thankful and more appreciative of me because when I die you will get my pension and retirement.” I’m sorry I wasn’t going to live in hell for forty plus years in order to reap that. Fuck that! Plus, with my luck he’d out live me.

Click below to read more …..   and if you’re a bookaholic this site is TOTALLY your place.




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