Being a Facebook rebel… a word from the banned twosome.

Welcome back!!  I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far.

First off, I’m not one to toot my own horn but you know what….fuck it, today I am going to. It’s my birthday and I’m going to have the best day ever!!! and I’m going to do my very best to stay out of Facebook jail. I wouldn’t want to upset any of the admins in the realm of Facebook.

I’M SOOOOOO FREAKING EXCITED IT”S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! The ONLY thing that would make this day better was if we were drinking wine in NOLA! But for now here’s something to wake you up.

Thank you girly! New Orleans will just have to wait a few months and then HELLO wine!!


You know what I’ve come to realize, there are so many damn rules when it comes to these Facebook groups. Shit, Harlow you just got yourself thrown in Facebook Wicca jail for no good reason. I’m still baffled. If anyone should have been punished it should have been me for attaching a harmless link. It wasn’t like we were throwing some political shade or starting an uprising against the  witches and vampire community. Dude, it was a simple question.

Has anyone met their twin flame?

Holy hell chewy how dare you ask such a question. Maybe you just caught her off guard or maybe the moon is in the wrong phase for you to propose such a beautiful universal question. But the question remains ….. how do you know if you met your twin flame? Will you get zapped with an onslaught of energy that will leave you speechless and in awe? Will you get a sense of Home and familiarity when you lay eyes upon one another?

OK, Jolene cool your tits and scoot over.  It’s my turn to jump on the soapbox. If you have been following Jolene’s blog you would know she talks about the twin flame theory often.  I was curious and since everyone around me would be like this…


I asked a Facebook Wiccan group that we are members of, if they have ever met their twin flame. Someone was curious and J popped her blog address in the comments (Which only referenced my twin flame theory) and BOOM.  I’M in jail, not Jolene, ME… (brat!). LOL SOOOOOOO I tell Jolene and she screenshots the rules.  It says NOTHING about posting links or blogs.  NOTHING.  So, I politely mentioned to the admin that they might want to consider changing the rules. 






FIRST…the grammatical errors are making me all twitchy.

DUDE it WAAAASSSSS an educational post on the subject at hand. She probably didn’t even read the damn thing. 

SECOND…I’m still a little shocked that I didn’t flip my witch switch.  If it had been Jolene, oh hell.  She would have cursed…then hexed…then cursed… lol. This was the first time an admin put me in jail. The first time was by Facebook over a year ago for pimping an author in groups…WTF? It was for two weeks! 

But let’s go back to this issue of Facebook do’s and don’ts …. I remember when you had your group. You were an easy going admin, you didn’t throw down the gauntlet and say “Take them to the dungeon, OFF with their head.” The most you ever did that I can even recall was hit the delete button. Scary. I’ve been in groups that were so out of control that rules should have been enforced but leave it to the male author who loved the attention of his female fans to litter the page with barely dressed women and vegetables. Yes, you read that right. Don’t forget fruit.  Ohhhh gawd, yeah the damn fruit. I couldn’t eat a damn banana for days without thinking nasty ass thoughts. 

Exactly!  My rules were simple.  

No posts about politics. No one follows this rule. Many will end up turning a simple subject into a rant about how it’s the Prez’s fault. Seriously?? I don’t know how the lack of your readership or low book sales has anything to do with the President. Maybe, just maybe it was because the book lacks a strong plot, entertaining story line or there were too many grammatical errors within the first page but yeah lets just blame Trumpster.  I’m out of toilet paper, should I blame him as well?   No, I won’t….it’s my fault, therefore I will hold myself accountable. The way I see it is if its your profile, your page go for it but don’t be throwing that crap around in groups… especially the ones that are not about politics! 

No posts about religion.

No nudity.   and they pushed that one to the limit by putting false pasties in certain places.

Check your drama at the door. THIS rule is never followed. EVER. That’s why I left so many groups. The drama to win the heart of the author was always fucking ridiculous. It was high school all over again. Seriously, bookaholics are NO fucking joke….some (some, not ALL) will do almost anything to claim residency up the authors ass. The backstabbing is REAL!! Jolene and I witnessed this first hand in 2016.  We were busy promoting an author, made suggestions on how to improve the street team and group and BOOM.  We were blacklisted and called crazy for voicing our concerns.  We’re not crazy are we? (that’s rhetorical)  The irony is, I’m still very much apart of that author’s career but don’t have to deal with the catty overzealous fan girls. So, total win win.

And I only had to block one person out of 2,200 in the last year. (They were posting porn) Not that there’s nothing wrong with porn, I love me a good porno…I saw this one the other day…. Uh ummm.  Anyway….  We should see what it takes to get put in jail as an experiment. What do you think Jolene?

It’s my fucking birthday, I say we go full on balls to the wall and see what can happen. Ohhhhh we can piss off a few people who can’t tolerate the truth or a joke…. or we can actually promote our shit for once. Speaking of which I can’t recall (I blame my age) if any of these authors that we have pimped for YEARS have even acknowledged our new Keeping it Real installments or our recent blog posts regarding everyday life. I bet if we pimped their books they would be all over us like two hamsters on a hamster wheel covered in cheese! And THIS is why I have backed away from the “it” scene tremendously. 

Harlow quick question before we head out. Do you think that some of these groups are useful for authors and bloggers or do you think that they are just a playground for chaos?

Maybe in the beginning. Up and coming authors have a place to meet new fans etc.  The problem I see is it starts to become a pissing contest and the “fans” (which consist of mostly ones that never A. Never read their work and B. Never bothered to buy their fucking books!) try to get the author’s attention but what they don’t realize is they are creating drama for the author and any potential fans they might be acquiring. So most leave or mute the group.  It’s sad really.

Lastly, for those of you who want to stay out of  Facebook jail or banned from other groups here are some helpful little tips. 

  1. Read the rules first and even bust out your magnifying glass to read any small print.
  2. Just play nice. You never know when the admin might pull the rug out from under your feet and ban you for not following the invisible rules.
  3. Remember screenshots will follow your ass everywhere. So if you don’t want a trail of inappropriate messages being shared among the masses than just keep your opinion to yourself.
  4. Just because the group is private doesn’t always mean your messages will be. There will be people ready to throw your ass under the bus in a flipping second if you cross the line.
  5. But if you’re a rebel and don’t give a hoot then HAVE FUN!

I love ranting with you.

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