Please let me eat this leafy non-meat meal in peace.

I know that my sudden change from being a hearty meat-eater to a non meat / vegan lifestyle can shock some people. It’s not like I woke up one morning and said, “I think I’m going to go cold turkey and never eat meat again.” Hell.NO.  Honestly, I loved how convenient it was to go to McDonalds or Burger King and order a cheeseburger, or go to Panera and savor every bite of their potato soup or go full on gluttonous and eat an entire steak as well as all the sides. But that all came with a price……stomach pain, multiple trips to the bathroom and feeling just down right miserable.

BUT….now, my body has said “adios” to all meats. At first it was sort of gradual. I noticed that I just would feel somewhat off while I was eating chicken, pork or beef. I would push the meat to the side of my plate or give the pieces to my furkids. Meals that I would make just didn’t sit with me well and then I noticed that I started to crave salads, fruits and veggies which was an eye opener because it’s winter. Winter is the time for hearty stews and comfort food and quick jaunts through the drive through to avoid getting out of the car and freeze my flipping ass off.

Sure with this “weird” food behavior I was asked the question, “Are you pregnant?” Seriously, one would need to have sex to become pregnant and this gal hasn’t had that type of meat (aka man sausage) in almost 2 years.

img_7069I remember the evening my body gave me the big middle finger and made me pay for eating meat. I had met my daughter for dinner at Red Robin and I indulged in a tasty burger. The first bite was amazing, juicy, succulent, the second went down just fine, the third something just didn’t feel right….my stomach started to gurgle and then I just felt extremely off. Sick. Heavy. I started to feel nauseous.  Thankfully I live very close because within ten minutes my body was giving me a good wake up call. I knew this wasn’t food poisoning. And as I laid on my cold bathroom floor I knew right then and there that my days of eating meat were over.

My daughter and I joked about it. The thought of becoming vegetarian was never in the forefront of my mind but now it was becoming reality.

As weeks past I would hear comments like, “maybe it’s all in your head.” or “maybe you just need to eat meat that isn’t filled with all those chemicals.”  There was a moment where I thought that maybe it was all in my head…..but my gut was telling me other wise.  “Go ahead, try it and see” was all I would hear from Spirit. Egging me on to prove a point.  I knew that my body was changing thanks to Reiki. I knew that this was my life now and I was fine with it. My craving for meat wasn’t as bad as I thought. There was a time when I craved that hamburger, taco salad or that juicy steak but those desires vanished. I knew a higher power was helping me with this life change and I gave thanks because I knew I wouldn’t of had this sort of willpower if I choose to give up meat cold turkey.

Seriously, I never was able to give it up during Lent or during those detox diets that require you to give up meat entirely. I never made it a couple days without craving it.

What I am tempted to say to those that approach me and say “I think it’s all in your head.”  is :

What I eat should be no concern to you. What I put into my mouth isn’t harming you. So let me eat this meatless meal in peace while you stuff yourself silly with low vibrational food and feel disgusting afterwards. I’d like to say fuck off but that may be met in a very negative way. 

I know my body. I know what it feels when I even digest a smidgen of meat product. I hate the feeling that my body goes through. It’s not as simple as taking some stomach medicine to calm my insides.

Trust me, it’s a lifestyle change for me. This is all new to me, like three months new. I don’t need people to encourage me to give their dish that is loaded with meat a try. I don’t care if the cow was grain fed or in a pasture full of unicorns …granted that would be cool and all, but it still wouldn’t stop my insides from feeling as though the animal was clawing its way out of my body and making me pay for hours on end. A hamburger, grilled chicken or a pork chop isn’t worth it. It really isn’t.

Essentially, food is energy, and some foods have a higher vibration than others. As we ascend or rise in vibration over time, our diet and food we crave changes. By listening to your body, it will tell you what you need at any given moment. Most people have lost this connection with their body, and hence, have created physical dis-ease. As you ascend on your spiritual journey it is a natural process to cease craving meat. Organic fruit and vegetables have the highest vibration of food. – Brad Austen at Energetic Vibrations.

I guess it comes down to that good old saying, “you are what you eat.” and in all truthfulness since my sudden change from being a meat lover to non meat lifestyle my skin has improved and looks healthier, I seldom have stomach issues or spend hours in the bathroom, I feel a whole heck of a lot better.

So, please don’t judge someone for their choice of giving up meat. If they say it makes them sick, then believe them. Don’t put them down and throw out shit like, “It’s all in your head.” You are not experiencing what’s going on in their body so please, shut the fuck up. Trust me I say that with love. 



2 thoughts on “Please let me eat this leafy non-meat meal in peace.

  1. I had to go on an elimination diet recently, but meat isn’t something I’ve had to give up. I had to give up all dairy, eggs, yeast, wheat, gluten, coconut, and a few other things. It’s been difficult, because I love cheese!! Though I’ve since discovered that cheese is actually addictive. However, since I stopped eating all of that stuff, I do feel better, not so bloated and gross all the time. I’m still not sure I would ever totally give up meat, but I do know I eat a lot less of it now.

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    1. Eliminating dairy is the next thing that I see in my future. I don’t drink much milk but cheese is my down fall. I love cheese. Eggs I can do without …. I can already sense that it’s something that I shouldn’t be eating so I avoid it. But it’s amazing how when you stop eating certain foods you start feeling so much better.

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