When the universe speaks – Twin flame union.


It makes me giddy to see how many views my post on Twin Flames has received. It’s by far one of my most popular, most clicked, most viewed post since I reentered the blogging world. I love the responses that I get from people wanting to know more on the subject some even wanting to know if they should pay someone to bring their twin flame to them faster. To which I cringe and hope that my message gets to them before they shell out money.

I can’t stress this enough!!

Be careful when seeking advice from those that claim that they can guarantee a twin flame union……for a price. No amount of money that you dish out will allow these people the keys to unlocking the rightful time that you are to reunite with your twin flame.

Please follow your intuition and heed my warning.

It just ticks me off when I see these people preying on the hopes of those that are searching for their flame or soul mate.

Do you want to know how to gain the love of your life? yeah me too, but I do know that before you want to jump into a relationship with the  most golden/divine love of your life aka your twin flame wouldn’t you want to be the best version of yourself?

First off, no amount of money you throw out to someone who declares they can bring you your soul mate should be approached with caution; I am not in any way dismissing candle work, spell work etc this is purely those who claim that if you took their classes or attend their university or download their program that it will bring you closer to your twin flame unionSecond, searching for love in someone else in hopes that they will fill the void that you are lacking will ultimately end in disaster. The right one is out there, be patient but in the meantime heal and fix yourself first.

In order for your twin flame to fully come into your life you both have to be fully aligned, evolved and open for union. Remember you both agreed to this journey way before you came into this life and yes  at times you may wonder what in the world were you guys thinking ……. it’s like the biggest fucked up scavenger hunt that there ever was.  Many have found that their twin flame are married to other people or in relationships with people they have titled a “soulmate” and now are left with conflicting emotions.

But like it or not, that’s part of the journey you both put in place. You both chose these obstacles and the people you have involved yourself with. In a sense it’s a way to see how strong your true senses are.

Can your evolved self prevail?

Many of us have experienced multiple soulmates in our lifetime but they are there to teach and to guide us to our Twin Flame.

It’s up to you to choose wisely.

The one thing that I can’t stress enough is before you slide into another useless relationship please take a break and love yourself first. Get to know YOU. Clean yourself up….inside and outside. Defunk  yourself and cleanse that ego. Try humbling yourself and maybe realize that you could very well be the problem in all this. Find out what you like and what you don’t. Get comfortable with being ALONE (and not just for a week). Take a break from sliding in one relationship to the next and thinking that the person you just met on a damn app is your soulmate or twin flame. STOP. Please STOP placing these people on the mantel and giving them titles that they are not worthy of, yet. Slow down. Take a breath. Let yourself breathe and defunk from the old baggage that you have collected over the years.

Stop hoarding negative emotions and surrounding yourself with toxic people who are simply not good for you.

Stop settling for less than you deserve and continuing in a relationship that does absolutely nothing for your mind, body and soul because out there in this beautiful world is your Twin Flame and he/she is waiting for you to get your shit together.

So, instead of wasting your time and money on sites that claim they can find your soulmate or flame if you go through their classes seriously listen to your intuition and your guides. A twin flame mirrors you, so think about elevating yourself in every sense.

I am in no way saying that you won’t align with your flame until you are perfect. Perfection is in the eyes of the beholder and to your flame you are but a jewel that is priceless but remember we are souls having a human experience. We are flawed, damaged, scarred but we are also unique and deep inside we yearn for that perfect fit. That cosmic connection. So instead of wasting your time entertaining the wrong person who is just in your life to fill space why don’t you clear the path for your universal designed partner. Your true partner. Your flame who will upon meeting will unlock sensations you never knew you could experience.

Some suggestions…..

Detox – Get healthy – Breathe – Stop the social media mental masturbation – Try something new – Kundalini Yoga helps the mind focus – Reiki releases your blockages – Step away from toxic people – begin to own your truth – step away from fear.

Remember your flame is mirroring you and visa versa. So if you are on a higher vibration then you are placing those currents into his/her line of frequency. If you are at a lower vibration meaning you surround yourself with toxic people or behaviors. If you entertain all that stupid crap online and spend hours knee deep in it and you consume yourself with drama, you are lowering your vibration.

I know when I’m channeling my flame because I can be in the best mood ever and out of the blue I am over come with emotions of frustration, sadness, sometimes I feel antsy and overwhelmed. It takes me less than a minute to realize that these emotions are not mine so, I quiet my mind and visualize myself surrounding myself in the purest of white light and I bring my flame forward, draw him to me and consume him with love. My body is then consumed with an abundance of divine love and tingles/goosebumps cover my body. That’s when I know it’s working.  Within minutes, every lower vibration that I was picking up disappears.

When you work on you. Your connection to your flame becomes stronger.

Remember NO ONE can guarantee you a union with your twin flame, but YOU. The answer is within you. You just need to quiet yourself and listen.

So save your money.





11 thoughts on “When the universe speaks – Twin flame union.

  1. Harlow Kane says:

    I read this the other day from http://www.elephantjournal.com.

    “One of the most interesting yet often overlooked aspects of a twin flame relationship is the phase of the runner and chaser.

    During this phase, one soul will abandon the other, seemingly without notice or reason. The relationship seems to be over for good—and it very well may be. Letting go is also an important part of the path of love.”

    What I’ve come to realize is even if you meet your twin flame sometimes you have to let them go if the relationship is not good for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ding Dong The Divorce is Done says:

      Exactly, it’s not to say that you won’t align with that person later in life but there is work to be done. If you get a taste of that connection that you will never forget it making it hard to walk away but something will click and you will realize that their vibration is just not on the level as yours. That’s when you need to just live your life and work on making you the best version of yourself.

      You can never fully walk away from your twin, because your twin flame is the other half of you. So as much as you want to walk away from yourself, you can’t. There is no cord cutting ritual that can be done for twin flames…..again, you can’t remove that part of yourself……from yourself. It’s that golden cord that is wrapped around the wrists of the flames that was blessed by source from day one.

      I remember seeing these cords when I was channeling my twin. It was beautiful. I also saw them again when I begged for them to be removed……I just heard laughter. Death won’t even break the bond. For it is and always will be.


  2. Harlow Kane says:

    And hey now! LOL What am I your personal test dummy? Love you brat!

    “Get comfortable with being ALONE (and not just for a week).”


  3. Divine Dawn says:

    Loved reading this!! I am totally fascinated with the Twin Flame subject, and although I’m still waiting patiently (sometimes not so patiently), I have been working damn hard on self-love and raising the hell out of my vibration! Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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