Manifesting the life you want

img_6865Have I stumbled upon the magic formula that allows us to snap our fingers and poof everything that we desire appears in front of us that very instant? Hell no. Life as you know is not that simple. We actually have to put in the work to obtain what our heart truly desires. To gain these results you have to actually FEEL it in the deepest core of your being and believe it to be so.

I don’t mean you just haphazardly throw out, “yeah, I want to travel the world.” while sipping on your morning coffee and not giving two shits at what you just threw out to the universe. You have to actually mean it. For example, you know that feeling you get while you are driving to your destination but you keep hitting those red lights? frustrating right? or you are behind the slowest drivers on God’s green earth and you just wish that you were in a bulldozer to push them to the side. Your blood begins to boil and you than begin to shout at everything other than the light itself. Maybe some of you will the light to turn green. But why don’t you just use all that emotion that you feel and use that towards what you desire.

If you desire to get to your destination on time without any delays, then declare it so. Before you are even out the door state, “I am going to get to work on time, without unexpected delays and today is going to be fucking amazing.” Say it with conviction. FEEL IT then say “Thank you”.

I made it a point last year to put this type of thinking into action. We all have the power to acquire what is our right. Last year I was just fed up with everything. I was sick and tired of bending over backwards for people. I was tired of being run by bullies. I was tired of being fucked over by manipulative people.  I was tired of having to live pay check to pay check.

Every morning I would take all that emotion, anger, frustration, hopelessness, doubt and use that energy to change my life. I wanted to be divorced so everyday I thanked God/Source for my divorce. I gave thanks for the peace that I now feel. I gave thanks for protecting me along the way. I saw it. I felt it. I OWNED it.

Sure at times, I didn’t feel like owning it but there was another force at work. Ego. Doubt. Fear. It was when I recognized those emotions creeping back I took a deep breath and gave fear, ego and doubt the middle finger and shouted “I’m fucking divorced, I have money in my account and it feels amazing!” and guess what, the divorce that seemed to some that would take years was done within 6 months. Sure, I had a great attorney that wouldn’t allow his bully tactics to work but if it was up to my ex husband he would have made me suffer and drawn it out longer.

I’ve done this technique for other things as well but the most important tip is that once you have thrown your request out upon the universe then move on. Go about your day with the full knowing in your heart that, it’s done. That your desire will happen. It may not happen on your timeline or tied up in a little red bow but trust me your desire for greatness is yours. IF YOU WANT IT.

I’ve put into motion something that I know will happen. Every time  I think about it my emotions heighten and goosebumps appear on my arms, my positive vibrations are in totally alignment with what I am manifesting.

Sure, that ego side likes to creep in and say, “How in the hell do you think you are going to be on stage with Gabrielle Bernstein and Tony Robbins speaking about your authentic truth in front of thousands when you can’t even give a Skype presentation in front of ten co-workers?” and do you know what I do when that voice creeps up? I fucking give it the middle finger and say “Watch me, it’s going to happen!” and then I FEEL IT. I feel the excitement. I see myself on stage with them standing right beside me and in the front row are those who have always believed in me beaming from ear to ear. My body is consumed with positive emotions. It brings tears to my eyes and I am riding those vibrations out like a surfer rides the perfect wave. Then, I close my eyes and with the purest of love say, thank you.

So manifest the heck out of your desires and when ego wants to destroy them give it the middle finger and step towards your greatness. Hell, you deserve it!


4 thoughts on “Manifesting the life you want

  1. I am the least woo person in the world and lately I somehow ended up in 5 groups that talk about this. Am trying to give it a shot but my neuroses are strong lol

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    1. Ohhhh I hear ya! but it sounds like the universe is shouting at you and giving you plenty of signs on what to do next. So start manifesting but each time one of your neuroses start stomping on your positive vibe, give it the middle finger and say, “not today….this shit is going to happen. Watch me” Mandi you got this.

      Have you read The Universe has your back or Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein? Check her out if you haven’t.


      1. I haven’t but I am making a book list. I am trying to grow my business and sort my shit out and have identified my self esteem and lack of confidence as my biggest block. I will put these on my list. Thanks so much. There have been lots of signs that the universe wants me to quit the B.S. and just go for it

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