Ice Queen


Yep that’s my name and I wear it proudly during the months of January and February, although I’ve worn that title way into the summer months as well when it deemed necessary……but at this moment it’s flipping colder than a penguins ass out here in Nebraska and I’m not happy, although I did give Jack Frost an invisible high-five this morning when Siri informed me that it was 17 degrees outside. It’s crazy how forgiving we can be when it’s not 10 below outside. 

Yep, this head cold has definitely  affected my brain cells but at least it’s not in the single digits or worse…..negative below butt ass freezing.

I have never been a fan of the cold but these bone chilling temps when your whole body screams, “What the fuck are you doing? get INSIDE NOW ….retreat, retreat!” are just awful.

It doesn’t help that one of my furkids is stubborn and has refused to go on the ten potty pads that are laid out on the floor until I take her outside, no amount of bribing works like it does with her son, Dart. He hates the cold as much as I do and knows that if he goes on the pad he will in fact get a treat.

With it being so cold I’ve noticed that I’m a bit more snippy and not so patient. I have to seriously check myself when I feel myself ready to go off on someone who prefers to walk slower than molasses in these frigid temps. Instead of being a frigid bitch for the next couple months and ticking people off with my mood (which I haven’t yet) I just need to be mindful of my eye rolls.

I mean it could be worse, I could be The Hook  (everyone’s favorite bellman in Niagara Falls) who is probably freezing his ass off right about now or a polar bear in the arctic.


So I will stop complaining….March is just around the corner.

9 thoughts on “Ice Queen

  1. I’m in the Chicagoland area, so I feel your pain (as most of the country does at this point, really). When I came in to work this morning, my manager made the comment that it felt like a sauna out there today compared to yesterday– we were at a whopping 13 degrees this morning.


      1. As I literally know nothing about Nebraska I can’t speak about that but in my head, it ‘sounds’ like a cold place. At least we get to wear our winter attire now – what else have we bought i for^^


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