Walk beside me

As I sat down to enjoy the homemade soup I made I turned on the t.v and decided to indulge in the angelic voices of the Celtic Woman. If you have ever had the opportunity to see them live you will know exactly what I mean, their voices are just amazing…..I’ve seen them twice and I’m hoping to see them again next year.

img_6639I love all their songs but it was this one song that really made me feel tonight. The tears fell and there I was knee-deep in a full-blown cry. It wasn’t a feel sorry for me cry…..remember I don’t do that anymore.  The song took me back to a moment when this song in particular truly meant something. A friendship that was very significant during a very dark point in my life and I was taught to believe in hope, love, friendship and most importantly to have faith.

I think we all have that one person that this song will resonate with. If you get a moment head on over to YouTube and listen to the words and allow yourself to be consumed with all those “FEELS” and if you cry, let it out no one is watching you except for the fur kids and they love you regardless.

Here are the lyrics

A child begins with one single step
Then walks a million miles
And though these wings are not ready yet
I will try to fly

My eyes can’t see
My arms can’t reach
I need strength when I’m weak
I need your faith in me

Don’t walk in front of me
I was not born to follow
Don’t walk behind me
We were all born to lead
Don’t walk without me
I might need you tomorrow
Walk right beside me
Be the real friend I need

If you take small stones, one at a time
You will move that whole mountain
If you climb each rainbow, it’s gold that you’ll find
And shelter from the rain

My ears can’t hear
My heart can’t feel
I need strength when I’m weak
I need your faith in me

I was extremely blessed to have had experienced such a beautiful friendship. 

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