Blessing Project

This year has been full of blessings, some unexpected and well some that were down right flipping, get down on my knees and give thanks type of amazing!

The first is well, the obvious …..

My divorce.

I was blessed to have found the right place for me. It took me sometime to make it my own, but it’s MINE. My style. My taste. There is no hint of cowboy boots, western flare, cigarette smell or toxic humans.

I’m blessed for my family and friends…..especially those who stood by me this past year. Without my sisters help I wouldn’t have been able to afford my kick ass attorney.

img_6076My tattoo  – One of my closest friends asked why I chose such a visible place on my body to put my tattoo. My first response was to skirt around the truth…..I mean it really is part of the reason which is I wear bracelets and why not have something more permanent but the real reason is because I am done hiding who I am, for I’m simply a soul having a human experience and with that there are so many things that have helped me through such difficult times in the past 5 years.


Reiki – I can’t begin to express how life changing this has been. It has enhanced many areas of my life and heightened me in my spiritual journey. It has also put a big kabash on eating meat. But I think the best feeling is the intense feeling of divine love that courses through my body and being able to connect to those that I hold dear to my heart.

Lastly, I’m blessed that I finally found my voice again and refused to live in fear.




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