He pierced his WHAT?

B590D46F-9243-43A3-B354-CC3F2704440CI’ve heard of women piercing there neither region but I have never heard of men getting or even entertaining the idea of piercing their jewels aka their ball sack.

“Yes ….he told me that he has a piercing on his balls” Babs whispered, “He said that it heightens the whole sexual experience. Jolene can you imagine?”  OHHHH I totally can and I did!!

There I was standing in my kitchen, glass of wine in one hand and a handful of fries in the other trying to visualize how this would even be pleasing for a woman. Because normally the balls flap against the ass and depending on if they are low hanging or saggy balls I still can’t see how they can stimulate any part of a woman down below.

Then my mind drifted off to another poignant “need to know” question, “So did he go into detail about the whole piercing appointment? did he walk into some tattoo/piercing parlor and ask to get his junk pierced? was this a dare or did some woman talk him into this?  did he just drop his drawers, stand with his feet a part with the one partaking in the procedure cupping his balls?”

She didn’t have the answers but I became quite intrigued with the whole topic because the men that I’ve been with always gave me the low down regarding the ball region prior to getting down to the nitty gritty. Some liked the light feathery touch, to slight pull and tug, to soft kisses and gentle sucking but that was only done if they were well manscaped but never have I ever seen a piercing down in that area nor would the men I’ve been with even dare think of bedazzling their handbags.

Now, I have been in the company of a man with a tongue ring….boy that was the best summer of my life. He was dumb as rocks but that guy was very gifted in other areas, so that’s why I kept him around for a few months….Momma deserved a nice little play thing!

But please tell me how a man having his junk pierced could be pleasurable for a woman. Maybe I’m not thinking outside the box and am only hitting on a few positions but even the good old 69 will only give you a bird’s eye view of the bedazzled part.

Inquiring minds want to know and Babs I know you’re reading this, please can you call Mr. Bedazzled and ask him these need to know questions.

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