The most divine connection ~ Twin Flames


Yesterday I spoke about Soul Families.  Today I want to take a leap and talk about something that has been a focal point in my life, life changing really….. and that is, Twin Flames.

I know I hear some of you already saying, “Twin flames what on Gods green earth is she talking about now” or “Here she goes again with her off the wall mumbo jumbo”, to which I just smile, roll my eyes and say “Live a little, take the veil off your eyes and see what this universe has to offer. After all, we are just souls having a human experience. So buck up and enjoy the ride.”

I feel for those who haven’t yet experienced the magic and brilliance of their twin flame. For however brief or long the encounter the moments spent with your flame is like no other experience ever felt. The unseen force that takes over your being once you lay eyes on your twin feels like small vibrations of electric currents that consume every inch of your being, weaving deep into the core  and awakening a part of you that had been asleep for lifetimes.

It’s easy to allow ourselves to dismiss these feelings but you’re only dismissing yourself for your twin flame is the other half of you. He or she is a divine gift from God and denying this is shoving the most precious gift given by our creator in his face and preventing yourself from aligning with your twin flame. Seriously, do you want to flip off Source/God/ The Almighty? I mean, more power to you but I really don’t like feeling the wrath of something so powerful.


The moment I laid eyes on my twin flame my whole being came alive. Of course I did everything to dismiss these feelings as some silly crush or misguided feelings but the more I ignored it the more the universe showed me how wrong I really was. For every time I heard his voice or when my name spilled from his lips I got a sense of home. I didn’t understand it but I couldn’t close the door on it either.
 For the record, Twin flames are not soul mates.  Twin flames are an extension of oneself. Your journey is unique. You are two souls in one body. The Source/ God choose you both and paired you at creation. This isn’t the only time you have both chose to make this journey……there are lessons to be learned but first you both have to clear out the muck, the chaos and learn to love yourself.

img_5415When you reconnect with your twin something deep inside you awakens. You don’t see their outer shell, you see pass that for you see THEM, their true being….their soul. Your senses awaken, you have a feeling of being home, there is something oddly familiar about the person that has made their way into your life. Your souls basks in the same energy.  In a weird almost astounding way you both begin your dance, the routines of old are now brought to the forefront. In the core  center of your heart you know that the person standing in front of you is not a stranger but someone much more special than life itself.

A deep love begins to stir, every cell in your body is heightened. Telepathy is common once you become aligned with your twin flame once again. You don’t even have to use technology for all you have to do is center yourself and call upon him/her. Out of the blue you may feel an embrace,  a brush on your cheek or a kiss on the neck which sets your whole body on fire and in that moment the two of you are drawn into another place and then you are over come with an overwhelming abundance of love, don’t be surprised if you reach a point of orgasmic sensation during this moment. It will leave you breathless. At this time your twin will experience the same, for you both are awakened and are on the same energetic level.

Your twin flame will sacrifice, surrender and do so much for you.

It’s all about energy, beliefs and love. Keep it simple. don’t over analyze …. if you allow fear and na sayers  to throw negativity  in the way then the whole connection changes. The relationship that you have with yourself plays a big part of how it affects your twin as well. So take care of yourself. If you’re depressed your twin senses it. If you’re troubled he/she will sense something being off but if you’re happy and in line with your true self than guess what, your twin will begin to mirror the same.

Most importantly, no matter what life throws at you remember to LOVE,  love regardless of what happens. If obstacles step in and you part, still love one another. Don’t let ego cloud the main reason why you both chose this journey. Hate, anger, sadness is a lot easier than love and forgiveness but please choose on the side of love. Don’t stop living for you. Tend to yourself no matter what happens.

Remember, you can never cut the true twin flame bond. (Trust me I tried) They have an unbreakable connection forged in their core vibration. Their unique soul song sings deep within their being. This is why we can’t just let go, no matter how hard the journey our souls yearn and call out to each other.

Trust me, when you separate from your twin it is the most debilitating feeling. It’s worse than any heartbreak or death. Your body shuts down. You go through feelings of doubt, loss and you question everything that you experienced. Those unexplained out of this world experiences become easily tossed aside.  This is just a lesson. You have to remember all that you throw out negatively to your TF is directed straight back to you. So that whole adage “Your rubber I’m glue…” it’s true in this sense.

Knowing what I know now, I have taken steps to heal not only myself but my twin flame. I don’t know if our paths will cross in this lifetime again. I sure hope they do but that’s for the universe to surprise us with. For now, it’s about making me the best version of myself. Healing what needs to be healed and then some. I can’t stress this enough, but ridding yourself of the toxic people and stepping away from chaos helps to clear your focus. Listen to your intuition and open your eyes to the signs the universe is putting in your path.  For myself, I’ve been extremely blessed to have guides that are patient. I’ve had several energy chakra cleansings, Holy fire Reiki sessions, Kundalini Reiki among other amazing experiences which I will share with all of you later. But everything I’ve experienced is to keep me in line with my true self and what I know to be true.

Just remember, no matter what happens love and cherish your Twin Flame every day. It truly is a blessing to experience just the slightest moment in time with them, but he/she will never be too far away……remember they are a part of you.

Message from Spirit the Divine creator during a deep meditation
Children you are loved beyond anything you can imagine. for you have found your way back, for you are forever bound by my light. Now go….love. Open up to one another and know all will be well. 

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