Soul “mates”


Once upon a time I believed that there was one person destined to fill this role, to hold the title above all titles. As a child, teen and sappy young adult I envisioned this man who would go to the ends of the earth to find me and once he did we would live Happily Ever After. Many moons later I’ve tossed out that idea of a soulmate and adopted the term soul family.

I would often hear men  throw out the phrase, “You’re my soulmate” to which I’d laugh, brush them off and under my breath say, “nice try but you’re still not getting in my pants.” for me the word soulmate is so over played; no thanks to Hallmark, Lifetime and other sappy channels out there and many of you are to blame as well, YES YOU…… posting your lovey dovey pictures on Facebook declaring to all of us that you are happy in love and are with your soulmate, when in fact many of us know the truth that behind closed doors it’s totally not how you portray your “real” life to be.

Side note : If you have indeed met and fell in love with your soulmate then you wouldn’t have the desire to cheat, flirt, text, send dick pics or entertain the idea of another person. So, lets just retire the whole “soulmate” word from the dictionary and wikipedia.

img_5392But I will tell you this, the feeling you get when you have met someone that just gets you is  fucking amazing. Someone who you know without a doubt has been gifted to you by a higher source, those people who regardless of their hardships will stand strong beside you and walk your journey with you until you can stand up strongly by yourself. Those people are your soul family. I’m not talking about those people who are your friends on social media who just “like” a picture. No I’m talking about those friends who have never turned their back on you, who have never deceived you, who do random selfless acts just because they know you need a big smile, these are your mates who will see you through it all. Your soul family will keep your secrets until the day they die, who stand behind their word. If they say “I will never leave you” they mean it and no matter the distance that lay between you they make an effort to let you know that they are still with you. Your soul family gets you. Your soul family is one of a kind. Treasure those people.

I have the most kick ass soul family in the world. I treasure these women with every ounce of my soul. I give thanks to source/God/Universe for allowing our paths to cross. These women are warriors in their own sense, they are kind, loving, hilarious, talented souls who have shown me the true meaning of friendship. There is no conditions placed upon our friendship, there is no jealousy, deceit or drama. BUT I will say that soul families stick together, you hurt one of us then the true warrior comes out.  Trust me, I’ve seen this on many occasions and know of a few instances where these women have gone to battle for me and put a man or two in their place.

I guess that’s why I’m okay being single because honestly, I don’t feel like I’m living this life by myself. I have some kick ass amazing women in my life to keep me entertained for years to come. I tell you these women are flipping hilarious, God knows they have had me laughing so hard I’ve almost peed myself.

I love you gals more than you ever realize and I thank you for being my rock during these past five years.  I am truly blessed!

My kick ass soul family

6 thoughts on “Soul “mates”

  1. I’ve never believed in the idea of a “soul mate.” I was just happy to find someone rock solid, who I trusted with all my heart to be my life partner. Sadly recent experiences have proven that even twenty-plus years together is no guarantee your partner won’t screw you over. I like the idea of marriage in theory, but in reality I can’t imagine every giving someone that level of power over my life again.

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