So what about him?


“Is there anyone that you are interested in?”

“Are talking to any guy in particular?”

“He’s cute, is he single?”

“Are you dating anyone?”

These are just a handful of questions that I’ve been asked since leaving the “wasband” last December. I know my friends and co-workers mean well but they get the same response practically every single time.

“Nope not going there. I’m not going to venture into the manzone for a very long time.” and then I throw in a line I heard from an ex-boyfriend once upon a time, “I just don’t have the energy to put forth in a relationship and seriously, I haven’t had the best luck in the guy department so I’m going to lay low for a while.” Plus, I’m wore the fuck out!

If I’m being real here, I stopped having sex with the “wasband” in the early part of 2016. I became good with those “ohhh I have a headache, sorry not tonight I’m bloated and my favorite…..don’t you see I’m reading.” excuses. I knew he’d huff off and take care of it himself or just do what he did best and find a replacement.

Honestly, I don’t miss sex and any cravings that do creep up I handle on my own…..because I know that I can always count on myself to get me to the end.  I don’t miss the companionship of a man, I don’t long for those late night cuddle sessions and I sure as hell don’t miss getting all gussied up for the possibility of meeting a good guy who  will eventually turn out to be just like every Tom, Dick and Harry sending their recycled dick pics days later or love letters via text messages filled with fruit and vegetable emoji’s ……I swear, I will NOT play riddle me this with an adult man and you better believe their dick pics will be shared and critiqued.

I simply enjoy my freedom. I love living a walking on eggshell free life,  I enjoy the peace and quiet. I enjoy being the queen of my castle, the ruler of the remote control, the hogger of the blankets. I love that I can choose to eat breakfast at dinner and no one will judge me for that.

This isn’t my first rodeo in singleton valley, I know the lay of the land but this time I’m stronger and a hell a lot wiser.

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