Free from the shackles



“Yes, you are finally divorced.”

That was the most freeing message that I have ever received. That message came from my attorney earlier this morning.

The emotions that came right after were not one of sadness, heartache or pain but one of pure elation, happiness and over all relief.

“Guess what ladies” I shouted from my office, “I’m officially divorced.” The girls then came rushing in and hugged me while shouting congratulations. They knew the shit he put me through just during this divorce. They saw me break down because he was determined to hold onto the last bit of control that he had. Luckily, I had a kick ass attorney who knew how to strategically play her hand against a narcissistic asshole.

I learned my fair share of lessons in the very short time I was with him, five years to be exact. Five years of seeing the man that I once placed high on a pedestal reveal his true self. Five years of lies and betrayal. Five years of walking on egg shells and knowing that if I didn’t figure out a way out that I would be another statistic. Five years of having to reach within and find the strength to know that I wasn’t what he declared me to be, for it was just his way of control, to tear my true self down until I became a shell of a person, he wanted to squash that light that was burning brightly inside me.

But guess what, he didn’t conquer me. I left. I told my story and in the end got justice!

Word of advice : Keep everything. Screenshots, emails, notes from lovers and videos. Keep them in folders in a separate email. Keep them on a thumb drive and send them to a very close friend……because you never know if you will become weak and forgive the asshole months later. Trust me. I kept everything for three years.

2 thoughts on “Free from the shackles

  1. Congratulations! I am a third- striker myself. LOL In a relationship myself but absolutely no plans of marriage ever again. I love my space! Thanks for following my blog! Blessings on you new journey!


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